Tomorrow at noon, in cities all across the U.S., people will be gathering in support of religious freedom.  These Stand Up for Religious Freedom Rallies follow the successful March rallies held in 145 cities across the nation, drawing 63,000 people.

The rallies respond to the Health and Human Services federal mandate that requires almost all employers to provide through their health plans controversial medical procedures and drugs or pay heavy fines.

Despite knowing that the provision of these items violates the faith of millions of Americans, the Administration has refused to rescind the mandate.

While the Supreme Court debates the merits of Obama’s signature health care law, Americans are not merely waiting to see the results.

Instead, they are reaching out to their communities and lawmakers to help them understand how a threat to one citizen’s religious faith is a threat to all of our freedoms, and not just religious freedom.

For the citizens of a country founded on the principle of inalienable rights, these rallies are a great opportunity to remind our lawmakers that there should be no fine on faith.

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