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The word, “cunt,” comes from the name of the ancient Oriental Great Goddess, Kali-Cunti or Kunda, The Yoni of the Universe. In ancient writings the word “cunt” is often interchangeable with that for “woman.” In no way was this meant to be derogatory, but rather, reverent.

From the same root are derived, “county,” “kin,” and “kind.”

Other cognates include:

“kundalini,” female serpent of renewed life residing in the genital chakra, the source of all creative action;

“cunabula,” a cradle or earliest abode;

“Cunina,” the Roman Goddess, protector of infants;

“cunicle,” a hole or passage;

“cundy,” a culvert;

“cuntipotent,” all powerful; possessing cunt power; also

“cunning,” “kenning,” and “ken,” knowledge, learning, insight, remembrance, reclamation and wisdom.

“cunnilingus,” Goddess worship!


(See Barbara Walker’s The Woman’s Encyclopedia of Myth and Secrets)

You can order a hand-made one-of-a-kind Cunt Goddess from Mama Donna. Each one has been blessed with Madama oil in all the right places. Put Her on your altar (*medium) or in your amulet bag (*tiny), and let Her work Her cuntipotent woman wisdom on your behalf.

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