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The swaddle gods, they are laughing. Oh, how they laugh. I have endeavoured to overcome; I have given up; I have endeavoured again. I have given up again. I have embraced the swaddle, I have cursed the swaddle, and I […]

It has now been fully six days since I last set foot in the outside world. This whole hunkered-down-with-the-sick thing is starting to wear a little thin. I’m actually feeling a little better, thank you very much, which is sort […]

Because ruminating about swaddling is all that I’m capable of during this dark dark time that is THE HEAD COLD. So, the swaddle update: When last I swaddle-ranted, I swore to just resign myself to the swaddle and shut up […]

The Husband reads my blog during the day when he’s at work. He says that it’s a bit weird sometimes to be getting the lowdown on his daughter’s development and his wife’s well-being from the Internet, but whatever. It’s not […]

Today, Baby is three months old. Or 12 weeks, which doesn’t translate exactly into three months on the calendar, but you get the picture. She’s a big girl now! Which is to say, according to Karp and others who argue […]

Sometimes, kids, you don’t have to read the book. What this means for you, my regular listeners – disregard my last post IN ITS ENTIRETY. I take it all back. Once I removed my head from the wall that I […]

I was in school for, like, forever. So I know a thing or two about books. And I was in school so long that they let me teach people who haven’t been in school as long as I was, and […]

FOUR TIMES IN ONE NIGHT. This is not (sadly) what it sounds like. What it is – four times BUSTING OUT OF SWADDLE. Or rather, as I discovered in the dark hours of the dawn this morning, wriggling out of […]

So she bust out of the swaddle twice last night. I wasn’t going to start the blog this way again, but couldn’t help myself. It’s driving me crazy. I’ve seriously got to let this issue go. ‘Cause if I was […]

Day 77… Night before last, swaddle intact. Last night, busted out once. I think that the score is just about even. Ha. Who am I kidding? I lost the battle of wills with my daughter about 10 seconds after she […]