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May 2010 Archives

It’s been a hard week around here. Both Jasper and Emilia are sick. Tanner is declining. Life just seems dark and hard. But all it takes is a minute or two of flipping through some recent pictures of a wee …Read More

It’s Jasper’s second birthday. I would be celebrating, if I weren’t sniffling fat, maudlin tears into my Cabernet. I love that he’s getting bigger, that he’s turning into a boy, I do. But also, I hate it. I hate it …Read More

These, if one goes by the picture above, are the reasons that my daughter loves me: 1) Candy2) Presents3) Make-up. The picture, she tells me, is of “a coffee rainstorm, which I know would make you happy.” So. If one …Read More

Today is the National Day of Prayer. I love that. I’m also discomfited by it, a little. I’m discomfited by it because – as I’ve said time and again – I have an ambivalent relationship with prayer. I have an …Read More