I was in Houston this weekend, having an extraordinary time with a community of extraordinary women and generally feeling extraordinary, and I’m not sure that I have the words to capture the extraordinariness of it all, in part because I am exhausted (having come home to a very sick little boy who frightened me very badly), but mostly because I am overwhelmed to the point of speechlessness by the extraordinariness that extends far out and beyond the weekend, because it is the extraordinariness of us, we mothers, we writers, we artists, we entrepreneurs, we activists, we friends.

So I’ll let someone else’s words and images do it for me. Be prepared to cry.

That work of art was compiled and textually woven and narrated by the incomparable Katherine Center, in celebration of the Mom 2.0 weekend, which itself is a work of art conceived and developed by the quadruply incomparable Kirtsy ladies (Laura and Laurie and Gabrielle and Gwen), who created that work of art by bringing together and curating the work and art of our extraordinary community.

I am honored to be a part of it. Honored beyond words.

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