These are my not-so-world-famous Cinnamon Bongs. They are, no exaggeration, the best things that I have eaten all year, and I say that having eaten chocolate cheesecake in my bathrobe at the Chateau Lake Louise in July, and having had fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies at the Chateau Frontenac on Canada Day, and having gnawed on real Tennessee barbecue back in February.

These are the best things I have eaten because a) I made them myself, sort of, and because b) I ate them all by myself, cross-legged on the floor, while my kids fought over the little tub of ready-made frosting that I gave them to lick, and it was just kind of an absolutely perfect 9 1/2 Weeks Gone Disney moment that I could quite happily relive over and over.

So, yeah. Cinnamon Bongs. My best meal of 2009.

(This post is part of the Best Of 2009 blog challenge issued by the lovely Gwen Bell. It was supposed to be about the best restaurant meal that I had in 2009, but really, this year has been so tiring that eating out just kind of fills me with dread. The best meals have been the ones eaten in pajamas, or bathrobes, or bed, or all of the above. So.)

(Also, Wordless Wednesday: I keep doing it wrong.)

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