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October 2009 Archives

Spotted in Area 51: small Buzz Lightyear clone sporting decapitated alien remains on head. Approach with extreme caution.

Jasper is, as I’ve mentioned, sick: respiratory difficulties of some sort or another that haven’t yet been fully determined. What we do know, or think that we know: it’s not swine flu. Which is a relief. Of sorts. We can’t …Read More

We had planned to make the big move – the move to the Big Boy Bed – last week, in the hopes that with the dawning of a new era of expansive bedspace for Jasper there would also dawn a …Read More

How is it that small children are even more adorable when they’re upside down? Does cuteness bend gravity in such a way that the very physics of sweetness are amplified when the object of sweetness is suspended in mid-air? Science …Read More

We’re just not sleeping around here. Like, never. Jasper goes to bed sometime between 7:30 and 8pm; Emilia, shortly thereafter. Depending upon work schedules, the extent of laundry build-up and what’s on television any given night, my husband and I …Read More

That’s Emilia in her new soccer uniform. Emilia is now playing soccer, which, if I’m not mistaken, makes me a soccer mom. No offense to soccer moms – some of my best friends are soccer moms – but I never …Read More

Yesterday, watching that helium balloon aircraft  – that helium balloon aircraft that everyone thought had a child inside – float through the sky, I thought, there go all of my ambitions for my children to be fearless. There go stolen …Read More

What happens when you try to really explain to a precocious, dinosaur-obsessed three-year old about Moses and the Ten Commandments: Emilia: Moses was this man and God gave him the Demandments on some rocks? Me: Stone tablets, which are like …Read More

I took the children to the Royal Ontario Museum the other day. I told Emilia that we were going to see the dinosaurs, but really, we were going because I wanted to see the Dead Sea Scrolls and the scroll …Read More