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Oh, hey. Ever wondered what I sound like? No? Didn’t think so. But on the off-chance that you have been dying to know whether I have a high, chirpy Meg Ryan voice, or a low throaty Kathleen Turner voice or …Read More

I’ve written about prayer a few times here. I’ve been pretty clear that I’m ambivalent about the idea the idea of intercessory prayer – that is, of praying to God to intervene in the life of others, to save a …Read More

I threw a party at BlogHer, and there was a unicorn. That is all.

So I’m somewhere in Michigan City, just outside of Chicago, and I have to say: although I wept more than few times yesterday, and although the coffee in this Super 8 motel is reason enough to weep further, I’m kind …Read More

Me at my first BlogHer conference, in 2006. Yes, those are pasties. And a fake tattoo. Both of which make one look way more confident than one feels. (Which, yes: I am far less confident, far less outgoing, than I …Read More

In two days, I’m traveling to Chicago for BlogHer. BlogHer is like Comic-Con, except with more women and babies and far fewer Trekkies. It vibrates at about the same geek frequency, though, which is something that too many people forget, …Read More

I kinda thought that debates about the reality and severity of post-partum depression were settled well before Tom Cruise made an ass of himself prattling on about exercise and vitamins, but apparently not. Time Magazine published an article last week …Read More

My grandparents, on a road trip in British Columbia in the early 1940’s. I’d like to think that I retraced some of their steps the other week. But even if I didn’t, the BC portion of my trip is still …Read More

This? Is Jasper. Throwing a fit. Which probably doesn’t seem all that extraordinary, in itself. Little boys and girls throw fits and hurl their little bodies to the ground and kick and scream. But there’s the rub: little boys and …Read More

We traveled a great distance last week, and the week before that. From one Canadian coast to the other, and then some. And we saw and did a great many things, and we had a great many adventures. But end …Read More