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January 2006 Archives

Baby’s got a new best friend. Ok, well, she’s got a lot of best friends, all in a rotating cycle of preference. The top dog best friend of the moment, however, is Whoozit. Whoozit is like this reject from the …Read More

So she bust out of the swaddle twice last night. I wasn’t going to start the blog this way again, but couldn’t help myself. It’s driving me crazy. I’ve seriously got to let this issue go. ‘Cause if I was …Read More

Day 77… Night before last, swaddle intact. Last night, busted out once. I think that the score is just about even. Ha. Who am I kidding? I lost the battle of wills with my daughter about 10 seconds after she …Read More

She bust out of her swaddle three times last night. THREE. And not just any ordinary swaddle – we’re talking Miracle Blanket swaddle, which is to say, full-on baby straightjacket. She’s done this before – the Husband swears that she …Read More