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CoryIt seems all too often that adoring fans of a particular star are shocked, surprised and devastated by the news of a celebrity death due to an overdose or addiction. This is often the case when the addiction has been kept under wraps or only hinted about in the media. However, in some cases, the death seems even more senseless and tragic because the addiction was not just hinted about; it was openly discussed and even treated.

Such is the case with Cory Monteith, the latest celebrity to publically discuss his addiction along with his history of rehab and attempted addiction treatment. In this particular case it was only a few months ago that Cory Monteith had given an interview saying that he was going to voluntarily go back into rehab to help prevent a relapse into the addiction that had been a part of his life since his early teens. Unlike some stars, Monteith did actually follow through and went through a drug treatment program in April of 2013. He had previously gone through an addiction treatment program in his early adult years as well, but he reported that he really only did that for his mother.

Just a few months out of his latest rehab Cory Monteith was found dead in a hotel room in Vancouver, British Columbia. The coroner reports that the death was due to a lethal combination of heroin and alcohol. There were no signs of foul play and the three people that were with Mr. Monteith the night of his death have been working with authorities.

So why, with this history of acknowledgement of the addiction, voluntary rehab, and a seemingly perfect life, did this tragedy occur? It was not lack of support; his fiancé and co-star was very supportive of his addiction recovery. It wasn’t lack of ability to afford a drug treatment program; he could afford any treatment that he chose from anywhere in the world.

Stars, just like average people, have to deal with the root issues of their addiction before they can truly enter recovery. This means looking at a painful past and dealing with issues through hard work and personal honesty, rather than through the escape and avoidance that drugs offer. Anyone, regardless of their life situation, needs to address multiple issues in addiction, it isn’t just a behavioral change, it is a complete change if it is to be lifelong and positive.

What went wrong and why Mr. Monteith used that night will probably never be known. Regardless of why it is a tragedy and one that is truly devastating for so many friends, family and fans.

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