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Admitting you have an addiction is never easy and if you backslide it is always difficult to face family, friends as well as yourself. Now imagine you are a celebrity with millions of people watching your every move just waiting for you to make a mistake. Imagine the pressure, the stress and the very real feeling that you are always being watched. If you read the blogs online, go to TMZ or even listen to the evening news you may assume that all celebrities fail in their endeavor to remain sober. However, reality couldn’t be further from this myth.

Interestingly, one the most successful celebrity long term recovery success stories is by actor Martin Sheen. This is particularly interesting since he is father to the infamous Charlie Sheen. Charlie Sheen’s addiction problems have long been fuel for the media and, in some ways, it seems to have become his identity. Making the commitment to lead a sober life isn’t easy and it does mean making changes, which can be difficult in the celebrity lifestyle.

Other major stars that have overcome their addictions and have lead clean and sober lives include Robin Williams, Elton John, Drew Barrymore, Jamie Lee Curtis, Nicole Richie and Robert Downey Jr. All of these people list specific factors that help them focus on a clean lifestyle including spouses, children, spirituality, life balance, faith, Alcoholics Anonymous, or a specific career goal. In other words they were able to find a way to bring positive energy and experiences in their life that was important and meaningful to them as individuals. Finding that anchor or support system within their lives was also important; just as it is for everyone in recovery. Being able to set goals, including relationship and self-improvement goals, is one of the essential elements in working through and into and successful recovery no matter how famous you may be.

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