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Just added: 7-Day Love Addiction Challenge! to the Love Addiction Community Coaching Group. Be the first 20 to be part of this incredible Challenge!!!!You will receive a workbook, work-sheets, journal and meditations all designed to help you put what you learn in the program into practice.
Together a $450 Value!
For only $10 a Week! – For 7-weeks!

If you have suffered in your love relationships and

find yourself repeating the same patterns,

this is the group for you.


Together, through this 7-week group program you will learn how to:

*Permanently shift the pain of losing someone you love and heal
*Replace Obsessive Love with Self Love and Authentic and Empowering Self Esteem
*Eliminate numbing-out behaviors and addictions such as drugs, alcohol, love addiction to fill your empty heart
*Identify denial immediately when you are with the wrong person
*Understand the power of your thoughts and expectations
*Release trauma from the past to make room for desires to be fulfilled
*Be a love magnet attracting exactly the soul mate you deserve

The group is a commitment of 7-weeks at $10.00 per week (REGULAR GROUP PRICE IS $50 WEEKLY!!!!).

As a group member you will also receive a downloadable copy of my e-book Filling the Empty Heart.

We will work with the content of that book in our coaching sessions.

Each session will be recorded so you can listen to it in the week following the session if you can’t make the live call.

Your commitment is to show up each week and be ready and willing to participate and support each other.

Sign up here:

By doing so, you are authorizing automatic billing of $10.00 today and $10.00 a week for each of the remaining 6 weeks.


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