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Michael Jackson’s last tour was envisioned and designed to allow his children to actually see him in concert with all his considerable talent on display. No one can argue that Michael Jackson was the consummate performer and that as a father it would be critical for him to be able to allow his children to see him in all his glory. However, how far did the need to put himself in the public eye and all the stress that went with that decision contribute to his death due to overdose?

In the four weeks of trial to date there have been numerous conflicting pieces of information and testimony. It seems that the defense’s strategy is to show that Michael Jackson actually overdosed by his own hand and that Dr. Conrad Murray had nothing to do with the actual administration of the lethal combination of medications. But, in reality, does this actually matter? Why wasn’t someone looking out for Michael Jackson, tempering his desire to be on the stage and performing with the realities of his mental and physical health conditions?

It seems to many of the millions of fans of Michael Jackson that someone, somewhere in all the many well paid professionals on his staff should have said enough long before this point. While there were others, wouldn’t it make sense that the medical expert hired to care for him should have had Michael’s health and well being in mind? And where in all this did Michael Jackson’s own beliefs in himself, his talents and his legacy come into play in the decision to continue on with the tour when he couldn’t sleep and often was unable to complete rehearsals?

Throughout Michael Jackson’s life there have been controversies, legal wrangling and rumors of addictions and mental health problems. It is just so sad that his talent is now lost, with no one looking out for “The Man In The Mirror” or the legacy that he leaves behind.

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