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Mackenzie Phillips

Mackenzie Phillips is an actress best known for her Julie on One Day At A Time. She knows first hand how difficult the struggle is to stay clean and sober. Her drug use began at a very early age and continued to have difficulties, until recently. She appeared in Season 3 of VH1’s Celebrity Rehab.

We witnessed her amazing and horrific story. Mackenzie’s drug use involved many different substances over the years and consisted of injecting many of them. Her addiction resulted in arrest 2008. She has openly talked about her drug use on The View and Oprah. Along with her drug use, Mackenzie openly discusses a very disturbing event that occurred in her life.

Her allegations of having a incestuous sexual relationship with her father, along with using drugs with him, had America reeling. How could someone endure events of this magnitude? The abuse took place over the course of ten years, resulting in Mackenzie experiencing a Stockholm syndrome mindset. The end of the incestuous relationship occurred when Mackenzie found herself pregnant, not knowing who the father was. She has shared her story in the book, High On Arrival in 2009. Where is Mackenzie now?

Mackenzie’s most recent headline discusses her involvement in the case of Casey Anthony. Anthony is charged with first-degree murder in the death of her child, daughter Caylee. Mackenzie has been called in as an analyst. She has been asked due to the accusations Casey Anthony has made against her own father, regarding sexual abuse. On a lighter note, Mackenzie can be found actively engaging with her fans on Twitter. Her love of animals and support of animal related causes is a large part of her communications.

She is thriving in recovery, truly living her life one day at a time.

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