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Rob Lowe has recently released his memoir “Stories I Only Tell My Friends”, a reflection of the actor’s life.  He opens up in regards to his history with alcoholism and sex addiction. In an interview with Piers Morgan Tonight, Lowe made some telling statements about recovery.

Rob Lowe has a history that involves alcoholic issues and a sex scandal. He entered rehab in 1988. His commentary, regarding rehab, included that rehab gives “the tools to lead the kind of life” that he wanted to live. Lowe continued to say that rehab doesn’t work if the individual entering rehab isn’t ready. His statement is true, rehab or treatment for addiction will not work if the addict isn’t willing. Being able to listen to advice, learn to live in a structured environment and deal with ones addiction head on can only be accomplished if the person is willing to listen.

Lowe described to Piers why an alcoholic is unable to have a casual glass of wine watching TV.

“If I have a glass of wine, inevitably it’s two glasses of wine, it just begins and continued “That’s how you know you’re one of us or you’re not.” Rob Lowe

Lowe expresses his love and admiration for his wife Cheryl and the critical role that she played in his recovery. By being an immense source of support, she truly is his best friend and largest supporter. Lowe also express the main reason he entered treatment, himself. This statement offers wisdom to those entering treatment. The combination of willingness to listen and the motivation of benefiting oneself, you are on a solid foundation.

Rob Lowe’s memoir, “”Stories I Only Tell My Friends” is currently available and includes Lowe’s personal account about many aspects of his life and career. He speaks openly about the good and the bad. By sharing these accounts, Rob Lowe opens himself up to his audience, and we appreciate that.

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