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Musician and author Nikki Sixx has released a new book. “This Is Gonna Hurt: Music, Photography And Life Through The Distorted Lens Of Nikki Sixx”. His new book is a collection of photographs and stories about the influences of his lifelong work. Nikki discusses his career, his music, his successes and his life lows (including addiction, overdose and death). His final message is of hope.

Nikki Sixx, the bassist for Motley Crue while currently known as a nationally syndicated radio host, solo artist, photographer, filmmaker and “loyal member of the Crue”. He openly shares his struggles with addiction and his success in recovery. In a recent interview on Joy Behar, Nikki Sixx spoke of recovery in an uplifting manner.

“Through recovery I’ve been able to do so much good stuff.”

“You can get through anything if you want it bad enough.”~Nikki Sixx

His quotes bring up some statements of truth. When in recovery, experiences can truly be felt. The haze of addiction has now become clear. You will remember each experience and feel each emotion. Experiences will no longer be marked with the antics and consequences of active addiction. Nikki expresses that his music, his life, his relationship with his children and his ability to love have never been better.

After overdosing six times, once resulting in Nikki being dead for a few moments, he had a great deal to be thankful and grateful for. The most powerful lesson in Nikki Sixx’s story is that one doesn’t have to hit his “bottom” in order to achieve sobriety and recovery. His story shows the direst consequence there is, death. He was given a second chance and he was able, in time, to embrace his sober life.

In Nikki’s first book, “The Heroin diaries: A Year in the Life of a Shattered Rock Star”, he shared the journal of his life from 1986 – 1987. A powerful story that shows first hand the hard truth of active addiction with a rock star lifestyle. Nikki has taken his sobriety and his recovery and offered his experience, strength and hope to his many readers. His message of the benefits of overcoming addiction show that life on the other side of active addiction can be marvelous.

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