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Today is Cinco de Mayo, the fifth of May. This day signifies the 1862 victory of the Mexican army against France at the Battle of Puebla. In the United States, Cinco de Mayo is a celebration of culture and heritage, especially in locations that have a large Mexican- American population. Many of the traditions include parades, music, street festivals and food in towns and cities across America.

Celebration is a key element for Cinco de Mayo, and often alcohol is included. While enjoying the festivities on this important day, please remember to drink responsibly. Find a designated driver or call a taxi, your celebration should not be hindered with a DUI or an accident. Are you in recovery? Don’t feel that you can’t join in the festivities because you are not able to partake in drinking alcoholic beverages.

Cinco de Mayo celebrations include dance, food and fun. Decorate your house with flowers, display the flag of Mexico and crank up the music. Alcohol is not an element that needs to be incorporated in the day. While alcohol is promoted for many festivities, Corona, Dos Equis and Sangria are not mandatory. The amazing cuisine made to celebrate Cinco de Mayo is just as tasty with a non-alcoholic beverage. Diverse food choices can include: menudo soup, flan, sopes, plantain chips, nopales, and tinga poblana de polle. Remember that fun and frolic can be had when sober.

The wonderful element in being sober is that you will remember your activities, maintain your sobriety and have a meaningful fun time. Go out and celebrate this landmark day. Have a memorable day filled with friends, family, amazing food and music that will you won’t be able to resist. The sights and sounds that are experienced during Cinco de Mayo are a testament to the amazing Mexican culture. Go and enjoy! Remember to make wise decisions, be responsible but above all have fun!

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