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Actor Jeff Conaway is currently hospitalized in Encino, California. Reports state that Jeff’s condition is critical and he is currently in a coma from an alleged overdose. His representatives have said that the actor is not expected to recovery. I was deeply saddened upon hearing this news.

Jeff Conaway is best known for his role as “Kenickie” in the movie Grease and from the show Taxi. More recently, he was on VH1’s Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew. A large portion of viewers were saddened to see first hand what Jeff’s life entailed, due to his many years of heavy drug use.

The struggles to stop using combined with the heavy consequences for continued drug abuse were not foreign to Jeff. One only has to watch a clip from Celebrity Rehab to witness the damage of addiction in Jeff’s life. His career, relationships and physical health were all tumultuous. Despite the harsh reality of his day-to-day life, Jeff continued to have a zest and a charm that are unique to him.

His spirit, charming smile and empathetic nature were always apparent. Despite his struggles over addiction, Jeff never lost his compassionate nature. His desire for love, stability, health and a fulfilling life never wavered. He is in my prayers and I wish for him to recover from this extremely sad situation.

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