The Celebrity Therapist Brand New Audio Program on How to Attract Positive Energy and Eliminate All Addictions

Celebrity Rehab 4 started airing last week, and one of the main dynamics in those first two hours was the tension between Janice Dickinson and Jason Davis. The trouble started when Jason began making unkind remarks about the fact that Janice had plastic surgery.

     Jason is a billionaire, thanks to his grandfather, who ran Davis Oil Company. He had a very rough relationship with his father and was raised by his grandfather. When Jason’s grandfather died, he started making headlines for his issues with drugs and alcohol. Jason is also overweight and diabetic.

     Why would Jason go after Janice like that? It’s likely there are a couple of reasons. One real possibility is that it’s a way for him to feel he has some power and control over his situation, because he can now make Janice react to him whenever he wants to. Addicts are essentially living out-of-control lives, and creating a situation where they can control someone else makes them feel they actually have some power. I think that may be why he is targeting Janice specifically–she seems easy to upset.

     Also, when people are sharp with others they don’t really know, it can be a way to pre-empt their dislike: “She doesn’t like me because I have been rude to her, not because I am unattractive or unlikable.” That’s a sign of terrible insecurity, someone who is afraid no one will ever like them.

     But I think there’s something else going on, too. Addicts always have a facade–a false self–that they put on. Janice, who has had plastic surgery, is literally wearing a false face. In that way, she reminds Jason of himself; he is also wearing a kind of false face. But we don’t like people who remind us of the parts of ourselves we don’t like. It can be painful to look in a mirror when you don’t like what you see.


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