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My higher power once again showed up this weekend in the most miraculous way.  I was having a bit of a meltdown thinking of all the things that I need to take care of in the next week.  I felt […]

I have wanted to post a blog about this subject for a long time and finally the blog came to me this morning.  I could not write anything nearly as concise as this wonderful article by Anonymous One so I […]

Now that Celebrity Rehab 4 is going to be airing, I notice I have butterflies in my stomach.  That familiar feeling that are people going to be judging me again for my work on Celebrity Rehab.  No one can judge […]

Sometimes us psychotherapists and healers are so busy helping others learn how to give themselves the self care they need, we forget to give it to ourselves.  There are different names for it, but I think “caregiver burnout” describes it […]

One of the clients I had the privilege to work with on season 4 of Celebrity Rehab is actor Eric Roberts. Eric has been acting since he was 5, and has a reputation for taking on edgy roles and playing […]

With the tabloids and news announcing the filing of divorce by Eva Longoria from her husband Tony Parker, I couldn’t help but think of the deep pain she must be going thru.  After finding out that he has been allegedly […]

 One of the clients on Celebrity Rehab 4 is Rachel Uchitel, who had a very successful career in the hospitality industry before she ended up on the front page of a lot of newspapers because she had an affair with […]

I was helping someone today move out of her apartment and could not believe how much clothes she accumulated.  I wondered if it was because shopping filled an empty void for her as she trudged through a bad relationship.  I […]

So why is it baby boomers can’t just  say NO to pot smoking?  Maybe it is because they are part of the me generation.  Perhaps it is because they have the largest disposable income available to them to purchase drugs.  Maybe […]

Join me on 2 Moms and a Mic  KKZZ 1400 AM as we discuss Steve Sisgold’s new book, “What is Your Body Telling You.”  Listen live at Your conscious mind may not tell you what you need to know. […]