The Celebrity Therapist

        Since my book came out, I have had all sorts of revelations.  I have learned that there are those who truly support my endeavors and unfortunately, those who appear to make it a point  to tarnish my characcter perhaps due to their own shortcomings.  I had some people on Facebook call me a “fraud.”  Others have gotten nasty if I don’t answer their friendship on facebook, and some who I thought were my friends, erase themselves from my facebook and email contact list all together which has been hurtful. 

         However, on the other end of the scale, I have made so many new friends as I have evolved into an author.  I have been blown away  by all the wonderful support I have received and especially at my book signings.  I am in such gratitude for the many new and old  friends alike who  have been  sending their positive energy my way and for my book. 

        All os this reminds me of how when we get clean and sober sometimes we have to walk away from good friends or toxic relationships. But it’s even harder to keep hanging around with them when you’re trying to change your life. This is just as true for you in sobriety. Old friends who still drink or use are triggers for your old behaviors. Their social activities revolve around drinking and drugs. You’re not being fair to yourself exposing yourself to temptation when you’re with them. When you spend time with your old friends, you’re setting yourself up for relapse.

            You need to make new, sober friends who reflect your new values. You’ll be able to relax and be yourself around friends who share your values–rather than having to constantly say no and explain your sobriety to people who always knew you as an addict.

              The same goes with my new career; it is much easier for me to surround myself by the people who believe in me and my message and to ignore those who may be envious of my success or who feel the need to put down my message.  Although I don’t expect everyone to be happy for me or support my book, I refuse to allow myself to be brought down by those who set me up for pain, just like I have had to stay away from those people in my life who are still entrenched in their disease who are filled with negative energy.  As my book, The Law of Sobriety suggests, when we put out into the universe positive energy, that is what we will attract back into our lives; and that is exactly where I wish to live.

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