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 With 401Ks dwindling and many of us struggling to make ends meet, the thought of giving seems very counterintuitive. The instinct is to cling to what meager portion we may have and make it stretch as far as possible.


However, that knee-jerk reaction may actually place us in a larger state of panic, creating a general view that there isn’t enough: enough money, enough time, enough love, enough strength to continue on in a time of such perceived deficit. And this shift in thinking can really take its toll on our minds and spirits, sending us straight to the nearest bottle, pill or joint in an effort to calm our rising anxiety.


So, how effective can giving in a time of “not enough” possibly be? It does happen to be a concept shared by such luminaries such as  Deepak Chopra.


 Chopra states, “Every relationship is one of give and take. Giving engenders receiving, and receiving engenders giving. What goes up must come down; what goes out must come back. In reality, receiving is the same thing as giving, because giving and receiving are different aspects of the flow of energy in the universe. And if you stop the flow of either, you interfere with nature’s intelligence.” (The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success)


So the theory goes, the more generous you are in spirit–which naturally affects your behavior–the more you actually receive.


Meredith Watkins from Recovery View says generosity need not be monetary. We can give through our unique, innate gifts, such as a home-cooked meal, playing a piece of music for a sick friend or even building an unwieldy dresser from Ikea.


There’s a reason why service is a component in many drug and alcohol treatment programs: it works. It takes the focus off of you for a while and opens your eyes to your place in the larger context of community. So take an opportunity to give to those around you and you might suddenly find yourself surrounded by abundance.


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