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After a long year of writing my book, I now am dealing with the business side of things. The creative part is being replaced by lots and lots of marketing decisions I need to make in order to get my book out there to help addicts everywhere. Unfortunately, writing the book was the easy part. The challenging part is getting the word out.
I realized that with all of this energy focused on getting the book out to the public, I have gotten lost in my ego. I have become focused more on getting the book out than getting the message out. I have been losing my way as to what my original intention was when I wrote this book. I have been feeling resentful and realize I have been making statements that are pure ego based vs. humility based.
I have hired people to do their jobs and instead of just letting that flow, I have been controlling and micro managing them. All that does is frustrate them and leaves me feeling angry that people aren’t doing things “my way.”
If you are making statements such as “I can’t believe they are doing it this way or that way” or “I have a right for it to go this way or that way” you may be ego driven, as well, and forgetting to rely on your higher power to do its job.
If you have been comparing yourself to others, all that will do is leave you feeling “less then.”
Maybe you have been forgetting, like I have, that you are not the one in charge here. You have a higher power that is ready and willing to be accessed to help you find your way back and out of your ego mode.
I hope to impart wisdom and guidance to my readers with my book. However, trying to control the outcome of where this book may land has left me feeling anxious and in fear.
I am realizing once again that only detachment can bring you the serenity and peace you are looking for. You know that all you have control over is the footwork and the actions steps; the rest is not up to you or I.
My true desire was to let those struggling with addictions, whatever they are, to know there are many roads towards recovery. My book was incubated by a deep knowing from my own experience that everyone has a calling or a purpose. I wanted this book to help individuals embrace their true essence and to go after that which they desire in their life. When I started writing this book that was my only intention at the time. I didn’t realize how difficult it actually was to get the book in the hands of readers.
I realize that a book is also a business. I get that, but to constantly be in fear that I or the book will fail is the wrong road to make a turn on. I need to back up and put my trust back in faith and surrender to whatever un-folds will occur without my trying to push things along.
If you are in a frenzy because you are more attached to the results than the process, than you may be in your ego driven state, as well. If I can surrender to not knowing, so can you. Let’s together put out an affirmation that will help us get out of our own way:
“Today I will focus on the journey vs. the outcome.”
“Today I will focus on the action but not the results of the action.”
“Today I will live in faith vs. fear.”
“Today I feel peaceful knowing my higher power is always there to assist me.”
“Today I will remove my ego out of the equation and allow my higher power to do its job.”

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