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Science improves and saves lives, but the spiritual domain is where healing and happiness reside. In the book, “The Ego-Less Self: Achieving Peace and Tranquility Beyond All Understanding, the author, Cardwell C. Nuckols, Ph.D. presents the truth to you from his own life experiences. While it’s true that subjective experiences cannot be proven per se, there is a “knowingness” that comes from walking through the fire and coming out the other end that is of great, if not greater, value than scientific objectivity. The experience and knowingness gained from being a survivor–whether from addiction, depression, loss of a loved one, or other life-altering event–creates an opportunity for each of us to evolve to a higher spiritual plane. When seized, life’s tragedies become spiritual opportunities.

The ego is our “false self,” “mind,” or “small self.” It knows of no power greater than itself. It is self-serving and is constantly battling for survival or personal gain. It is always fighting or fleeing from some perceived fear. It will do whatever it takes to relieve itself of life’s “miseries.” But it always fails. Itself-destructive line of thinking can drive us into maladaptive behaviors designed to serve only the ego. To the ego, no one else matters. The ego is the source of all human misery.

In order for correction to take place–in other words, for joy to replace misery–there must be a change in character. There must be a simple but profound return to the Self–our Divine nature or soul. Reclaiming the Self brings spiritual healing and transformation. This is a book about healing. It is not about symptom reduction. The author shows you how the ego develops and how it causes all of the suffering in our lives.  He also endeavors to show you who you really are: the Self. The Self is God immanent and is the source of happiness and unconditional love. This book is about a journey of discovery. It is about a return to the Self.

With a broad range of spiritual influences, from the Bible to Zen Buddhism, the Ego-Less SELF sets out to deflate the ego to let the true self shine through. You will begin to learn how to get rid of resentments, surrender the ego’s unconscious programs for happiness, and employ simple techniques to increase contact with consciousness.  The book is available at

Sherry Gaba, LCSW, is a Psychotherapist and Life Coach in private practice and on Celebrity Rehab on VH1.  She is a frequent contributor to anthologies, blogs, and newsletters and a sought after speaker.  Visit Sherry at for information about life coaching programs, teleseminars, and webinars, and read her blogs at Counselor and The Law of Sobriety Blog with HCI.

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