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Tony Sweet

Tony Sweet is the youngest son of four children in a very musical family. He grew up in Grenola, Kansas, and didn’t start singing publicly until the age of twenty-five. Tony sang in churches in Kansas and Missouri where he felt most at home. 

From Kansas, Tony moved to Los Angeles where he was amazed at how diverse people were and felt increasingly comfortable with his own identity of being both Christian and gay. In LA he met people who had walked away from their faith because of the condemnations by people of faith. Tony committed himself to helping others find their way back to their faith and to give them the peace they need to understand God loves them as they are. 

In 2008 Tony was a runner up in the Gospel Music Channel’s Gospel Dream, which is comparable to the American Idol of Gospel music.  Tony’s dream is to change people’s life through his music, his words, his life experiences and his faith. Since then Tony has performed at the 4,000 member Cathedral of Hope in Dallas, TX and the Outfest Legacy Awards at the Director’s Guild in Hollywood.


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