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As I welcome you to my new blog “Moving Beyond Addiction: Nurturing Your Spirit in Sobriety”, I sit here in gratitude and wonderment as to how I got here.  I look forward to sharing with you my own journey in recovery with antidotes from the past and present, as well as the gifts I have received from those in and out of recovery that I have learned along the way. I have not only had my own experiences, but have worked in the field of recovery for over ten years.  I will share with you candidly and honestly my own experiences and journey of self discovery.   You will know that you are never alone on this path you have so courageously decided to take. I am here right alongside of you cheering you on each step of the way towards a life filled with joy, peace, and serenity.  If you are struggling with an addiction, don’t know if you have one, know someone who does, or are simply not sure, this blog will hopefully inspire you as well as assist you, in moving you from where you were, where you are now, and where you wish to go in your sobriety.


Although sobriety is at the forefront of my blog, my wish for you is to experience a life filled with purpose and meaning.  I hope to impart many of the tools that have worked for me to help you reach your greatest desires.  Recovery is so much more than just getting clean and sober.  It’s about living a life on purpose and manifesting everything you have ever dreamed of.  Are you looking for a loving relationship?  Are you satisfied in your career?  Are you feeling financially secure?  Are you nurturing your soul?  Are you taking care of your health and well-being?  Whatever you goal is, this blog is intended to move you closer to where you want to go.


An excerpt from my book, “The Law of Sobriety: Attracting Positive Energy for a Powerful Recovery” explains that without a purposeful life, you may even feel justified to use drugs or alcohol again out of despair and lack of fulfillment in your life.  “I believe that without purpose and passion, some type of relapse is inevitable.  Perhaps you won’t drink or use, you will definitely have a hard time maintaining your emotional sobriety…the emotional balance and stability that makes it possible to be happy and productive and feel more alive.” 

Whether you are struggling with alcohol, drugs, overeating, workholism, codependency, love, compulsive shopping, gambling, or sex addiction, this blog is meant to assist you with your vision of recovery in your life today, tomorrow, and in the distant future. I am here to help you create goals that resonate with what you want to do, where you want to go, and what you want to leave behind.


You can start your day with a Recovery Tip which is designed to help move you closer to manifesting your goals with action steps or an  Inspirational Quote which is offered to encourage you on your path towards self-discovery.


The greatest way to overcome any addiction is to listen to someone else share their own story of experience, strength, and hope with the same addiction.  I hope this blog resonates with your own story and helps bring you closer to the purposeful life you are meant to live.


Recovery Tip

Rewarding your recovery encourages you to continue your sobriety.  Abstinence becomes more positive, the more frequent the reward. 


 Inspirational Quote,

” Attitude is the speaker of our present: It is the prophet of our future. ”

John C. Maxwell.


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