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Frenchie Davis has had a long road back to the television spotlight.  The spunky R&B singer was a Top 12 contestant on American Idol, but she found herself disqualified from the season as a result of scandalous photos taken earlier in the her career.  Frenchie acknowledged the mistake, and continued to even on tonight’s episode of The Voice, but it wasn’t enough to keep her on American Idol.

Despite the controversy Frenchie continued to record, earning a spot on the Broadway performance of Rent.  She had a large enough impact that the coaches of The Voice recognized her immediately.  When she was given a chance to speak after earning a spot on one of the show’s teams, she talked about the value of following her dreams and how she refused to give up on her career despite the mistakes she made.

Frenchie’s story is inspiring, and The Voice seems like the perfect show for her.  We all have lapses in judgment, it is refreshing to see an artist acknowledge theirs and continue to move forward.  It is even more inspiring to see people accept them for who they are.

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