Reports have been surfacing that Katy Perry’s mother is writing a tell-all book about her hugely successful pop singer daughter.  The book was rumored to detail Katy’s life and how her racy lyrics and outfits have effected the ministry of her evangelist parents.  Unfortunately for scandal loving evangelicals and fortunately(?) for fans of Katy Perry, it appears that may not be the case after all.  If such a book does exist, it appears that Katy’s mom either doesn’t realize she wrote it, or they are just keeping quiet for now.

Personally, such a book would fascinate and possibly offend me to no end.  Katy Perry’s journey from Chistian artist to scandalous secular pop singer isn’t a new tale by any means, remember Jessica Simpson?  However, an evangelical perspective on the singer, and one from her own mother no less, would make for “must read reading” for this prophet.  However, I am quite sure it is no accident that these rumors coincide with the premiere of Katy Perry’s new video “E.T” tonight.  These rumors have produced some great publicity for the event, not to mention for the ministry of Katy’s parents!

One last note, is the song “E.T.” about everyone’s favorite homesick alien?  I am sure it is actually something suggestive, but a song just about how awesome that movie is would probably win a lot of awards.

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