The Prophet of Pop

The Justin Bieber movie promotional machine reached full tilt last week, including the release of a bevy of clips just like this one from Beliefnet. Since the movie touches on Justin’s faith, teenage evangelicals are target demographic. While I haven’t yet seen it, I truly hope it has enough faith-based content to justify a Bible study and several interview clips on the subject.

This particular clip captures an off the cuff moment of Justin Bieber and his friends praying over the bounty of pizza that they have received. It is simultaneously sweet, awkward, and everything a teenage prayer should be. The Biebs himself is responsible for getting his friends back on track during the prayer, which reveals him as somewhat of the elder of the group. He still has a ways to go though, as the prayer reveals that Justin’s commitment to style never waivers, even when going before his Creator.

Ultimately, though, the greatest theological statement is made by Justin’s friend, and it should not be ignored:

Thank God for bacon.