The Prophet of Pop

Let’s get it on!

-It is most sad that in order to be recognized Muse had to strip all the uniqueness from their sound.  They deserved the success… 8 years ago.

-Bruno Mars may be one of the best pop singers on top right now.  The swinging version of his hit “Grenade” really brought the house down.  Also, who knew that he plays drums?

-I admit, I didn’t get the love for Mumford and Sons until tonight when I heard their current competitors in the folk genre.  Definitely a rose amongst thorns… except that Chris Thile and the Punch Brothers still exist.

-Cee Lo completely showed up Lady Gaga tonight.  Gaga is going to need to step up her game next year and dress as a rocket ship made of bacon.  Can’t believe Gwyneth Paltrow didn’t get in the spirit of things and dress as a muppet.

-Following up Katy Perry with Keith Urban, Norah Jones, and John Mayer was just wrong on the part of the GRAMMYs.  Their sheer musicality outdid any spectacle that a current pop starlet could throw at them.

-The award show retained its credibility when Bieber didn’t win best new artist.  That was one of the biggest moments of the night.  I won’t deny his popularity, but he was out of his element with the other nominees.

-I have never been a huge Rolling Stones fan but Mick Jagger really brought it tonight.  Some of the younger performers could take some tips on how to entertain from him.

-And last but not least, congratulations to Arcade Fire for the big win!  I wonder how many hipster fans they will lose to this success?

I have to say, that was a really fun show!  A lot of great performances, some awful performances, but overall a really diverse and interesting slice of music television.

See you later this week with a report on the earlier GRAMMYs and more music news than you can handle!

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