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Classic Newhart–enjoy

Amazing song–enjoy and be blessed in worship

This has become one of my favorite sayings:  What is wrong with you? The story behind it is one I still laugh about:  A few years ago I was driving my 4-year-old granddaughter to my house for a visit, and we […]

American flags, patriotic flowers, cut-out footballs bearing Chesterton High School No. 54 and a sign reading, “Heaven needed a hero, God only takes the best,” adorned the front door of the home where Army Spc. James Butz was raised. Carrie […]

Here’s my second compilation of a traditional hymn videos.  This has always been one of my favorites. Take a few minutes to watch them all together, or come back and start your day with a new one each morning… Be […]

I was almost to work today and had to turn the car around and hightail it home due to extreme nausea.  Fortunately, I made it back to the house before I actually lost it all (literally).  It’s a good thing, […]

(Wrote this about a week ago…couldn’t decide if I wanted to publish it because it’s very personal, but–here goes!) Well, I’m 62 today!  Used to seem sooo old to me, but from this vantage point doesn’t seem so bad. Unless […]

Here are a few really great quotes about overcoming fear.  I need to think about these because I can surely become paralyzed when I’m afraid. The drawings included here are from my collection of original pen and ink drawings.  I […]

At least once a week, I’m going to be posting something silly–Laughter is good for you!  It keeps you healthy, and in this crazy world we live in, we have to find something to laugh at to keep our lives […]

Start your morning out in praise and promise…be blessed today.