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I’m in Mammoth Lakes, CA.  There’s still a lot of snow up here–the higher elevations are pretty much covered with it, and in today’s weather report, it says it will be 35 degrees tonight with possible snow above 9000 feet […]

A Tribute

Found this article about an amazing dad… June 20, 2011 Navy News|by Mass Communication Specialist Seaman Ryan Riley BREMERTON, Wash. — A Naval Base Kitsap Sailor received the 2011 Military Fatherhood Award during a ceremony in Bremerton, Wash. June 16. […]

Thanks for all of your comments on my previous post… So, let’s take the discussion about adultery a step further, shall we? I’m really interested in finding out what people think…I’m not trying to sensationalize this at all.  What if […]

I promised to share some of my art with you…I’ll be creating a page that features it before too long, but here are a few of my drawings/paintings.  I do my drawings in pen and ink and my paintings are […]

….After denying it for days, Rep Anthony Weiner (D) of New York has admitted sending lewd pictures of himself to women on  Twitter. But he’s refusing to resign, as he says he did something “regrettable,” not illegal. (Peter Grier, Christian Science Monitor) […]

    Originally published on 9-12-10…at 4 a.m… Actually have been up since around 3 off-and-on…chalk it up to my Lucy who has been very restless tonight.  So…since I’m up, you might as well know what’s going on in my […]

5. Allow your children to resolve their own struggles as long as it is safe (physically or emotionally). When you give your child tools and encourage him to work things out on his own, you will be giving him an […]