snakesonaplane.jpgPeople in Christian culture feel pre-witnessing apprehension whenever they step on a plane. Whomever they sit next to will have been placed there by the Almighty for the specific purpose of being witnessed to, right there, by them.

airplane1.jpgChristian culture regards airplanes as excellent settings for evangelism. Air travel invokes a heightened sense of mortality which can only help the earnest Christian’s pitch. A popular tactic is to read a Christian-flavored book in hopes it will spark conversation. Another benefit of the airplane setting is your captive audience. The person on the receiving end of the witnessing is strapped in and held hostage. Should they say “I’m not interested in talking about this” however politely, the Christian will usually relent but often with a disdainful comment indicating they’ve just made the biggest mistake of their eternity.

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