When his Ed Hardy hoodie is just too casual, the discerning gentleman opts for a screen printed dress shirt.

randoma29standing.jpgThis type of shirt is a favorite among posturing evangelicals and Las Vegas date rapists. It appears en masse on the Vegas strip and at Christian conferences that emphasize creativity and relevance.

driscollsitting.jpgperrynoblestanding.jpgThe screen printed dress shirt is their uniform staple. The other components of the uniform are copious hair product and jeans that cost more than a therapy session.

edyoungblack.jpgjamiemunson.jpgThe owner of the screen printed dress shirt doesn’t just wear it, he “rocks” it. Whenever you spy this type of shirt you can be certain that individual owns a MacBook and clothing by Von Dutch.


Feelin’ fancy at the church website photo session.


This guy’s got at least three. Hat trick!
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