cruc1.jpgAn interesting paradox in Christian culture takes place this time of year. Christian culture normally doesn’t endorse graphic depictions of violence, but come Eastertide they rent The Passion of the Christ (rated R for its violence) and encourage their children to draw pictures of the crucifixion. This is not only completely normal to them, it is seen as educational and even wholesome.

cruc2.jpgUsually Christian culture is pretty outspoken against violence in movies and video games, and they’ve even devoted periodicals to the parsing of positive and negative content in movies and TV. Then you have Easter. In Sunday school small children draw a smiling Jesus on the cross with red crayon scrawled all over him, holes in his hands and feet, and a big gash in his side. Their parents hang these pictures on the refrigerator.

cruc4.JPGWhen it comes to Jesus, three-year-olds may absolutely create art projects with a grisly ancient execution theme. It’s not only permissible, it’s encouraged.

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