Many Christian men frequently state that their wife is hot. On Facebook, in Christmas letters and in their blog profiles, Christian guys make a point of saying:

“My HOT wife.”

“Yep…sorry guys, she’s all mine.”

“Back off guys, she’s taken.”

“Me and my smokin’ hot wife.”

“Look guys, I scored!”

“How did I get such a hottie?”

“My wife rocks!”


By the same token, Christian women like to say that their husband is hot.

“My hot husband. I’m a lucky girl!”

“My soul mate – my HOT husband!”

“I am a wife to my hot husband.”

“God blessed me with a hot husband. What more could I ask for?”


(I had used a picture that came up when I googled “hot christian wife,” but then
the guy in that picture found this and left a comment. He was way too
nice about it actually and so I changed it. I never really thought about the
people in the pictures finding this.)

Fortunately, Christian hotness standards are not quite the same as conventional (secular) hotness standards. Value is supposed to be placed on the person rather than on appearance, but even so, hotness is still a valuable commodity in Christian culture. The public declaration of a spouse’s hotness is a lovely gesture, but can become disquieting when expressed so frequently and fervently. It can begin to sound as if they are trying to convince themselves of something. Could thou protest too much?

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