Hollywood actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson, who’s rumored to be the next James Bond, is speaking out on the weightiness of fatherhood. During an interview with Rolling Stone UK, the British-born actor said he’s learned that, as a dad, it’s his responsibility to keep his four daughters safe and set a good example for them.

The 33-year-old star said, “You realize it’s your job to protect the purest, most innocent thing that’s come into the world, and it’s your duty to be their role model.” He continued, “You are going to be reflected in their choices later on in life, from who their partners are to how they carry themselves in the world.” Taylor-Johnson said he is learning how to balance his career with being a father. He explained, “I’m just trying to juggle my family and my work. I’m doing normal life; dentist appointments.”

Setting healthy priorities is part of that. Taylor-Johnson said, “Career doesn’t necessarily take a back seat, but it takes a different thought behind the choices that you make. But you also discover characters you’re drawn to because of that; you’re not just some 20-year-old anymore.”

Taylor-Johnson, who is Jewish, married his wife, Sam, in 2009. She is 23 years older than him. The pair met one another in 2008 when Taylor-Johnson auditioned for a role in his now-wife’s film, “Nowhere Boy,” a movie about the early years of John Lennon’s life.

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