Today is my last day at Beliefnet (which I co-founded in 1999). The swirling emotions: sadness, relief, love, humility, pride, anxiety.
But mostly deep, deep gratitude.
How many people get to come up with an idea and have rich people invest money to make it a reality? How many people get to create their fantasy workplace, stocked with people they like and respect, people of integrity, creativity and humor? How many people have the chance to build a business that could feed one’s ego (TV appearances galore!), and yet still give one the satisfaction of doing worthwhile work?

Beliefnet is a business but I also view it as a trust. Some folks visit the site or read the newsletters to be entertained, some to learn, but some come for serious support during very difficult times. I know the staff is very committed to remembering that.
In a way, it feels like just as much of an accomplishment to leave Beliefnet as to create it. It’s now crystal clear that the company is well beyond one person, or group of people — it’s something durable. In that sense, the staff and you the readers have given me the most extraordinary gift possible: the ability to depart while having confidence that Beliefnet will not only live on but thrive.
Thank you.
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