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As expected, amendments from Senator Orren Hatch to further restrict abortion were defeated Wednesday. Most interesting to me is the rise of a new argument: the Senate Finance Committee chairman Max Baucus noted that the status quo is to ban …Read More

In the comment thread on my post about Westboro Baptist Church’s visit to Brooklyn, Jay writes: “I think you underestimate the links between Westboro and the Southern Baptists and other more mainstream Christian religions, nearly all of which trumpet the …Read More

David Kirkpatrick’s New York Times article about abortion-and-health-care politics included the stunning disclosure that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is meeting today with the leading pro-life Democrat for the first time. According to the Times piece, Rep. Bart Stupak, a Democrat …Read More

(Photo by Gordon Waldman) The “church” that became infamous for bringing their “God Hates Fags” signs to the funerals of people who died of AIDS and fallen soliders came to town this weekend. Westboro Baptist Church of Topkea picketed my …Read More

I recently suggested that more people have died from lack of health insurance since 1994 (when Congress last defeated health care reform) than died during those years as a result of the first Gulf War, the Iraq War, the Afghanistan …Read More

A recent study in the Journal of American Public Health concluded that 45,000 people die each year for lack of health insurance. Another study in 2002, from the Institute of Medicine, put the number at 18,000. Still another, put it …Read More

When historians refer to some of the Founding Fathers as “Deists,” it’s as if they’re talking about an extinct philosophy, like alchemy or phrenology. Very few Americans go around describing themselves as Deists. Perhaps that ought to change. A new …Read More

Dan Gilgoff at US News speculates that the rise of the Nones will lead to a more polarized electorate: As more Americans leave religion, the ones left in the pews are those most committed to their faith. In a nation …Read More

I think I’ve finally figured out a way of pissing off both my pro-choice and pro-life readers in one post. Here goes. I believe that if one’s goal is to get health care to reflect the status quo on abortion, …Read More

Democratic health care proposals in the House and Senate included this novel provision: the new health care exchanges would be required to offer at least one plan that covers abortion and one that doesn’t. Doesn’t that sound even-handed? What I’m …Read More