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The House Energy and Commerce Committee wrestling with health care last night narrowly approved one measure (“The Capps Amendment”) claiming to be neutral on abortion — but which opponents claimed was slanted toward the pro-choice side. Then they narrowly voted […]

Terry Mattingly makes the fascinating point that the U.S. Catholic Bishops seem to be non-players in the health care debate, if press coverage is any gauge. “Are the journalists ignoring the bishops or are the bishops (and their gatekeepers) ignoring […]

“The new fault line is not between pro-life and pro-choice people. It’s within the pro-life community. The question now is: ‘are you pro-life and pro-contraception, therefore trying to reduce the need for abortions, or are you pro-life and against contraception […]

During Republican administrations, the religious right flexed its muscle around issues like abortion and judicial appointments. As the religious left grew in importance during the election, it was unclear how they would attempt to exert their influence. It looks like […]

Walter Cronkite didn’t lend his name to many things. So it was notable when he became chairman of the Interfaith Alliance, a group in part created to combat the “religious right.” As the Alliance’s founder C. Welton Gaddy explained: “As […]

The “common ground” abortion legislation re-introduced today does seem to represent real political progress. I’m on jury duty today so I haven’t been able to do any extra reporting but looking over the summary of the legislation, known as “Ryan-DeLauro,” […]

There was a major breakthrough today for efforts to achieve common ground on reducing the number of abortions. Rep. Tim Ryan, a pro-lifer, and Rosa DeLauro, pro-choice, reintroduced a revised version of their common ground legislation, drawing a wider range […]

I’ve written in the past of my frustration that health care advocates — both policymakers, religious lefties and spinmeisters — aren’t focusing sufficiently on the pre-existing condition problem as one of the central outrages of the modern health care system. […]

Religious leaders advocating for health care reform have tended to emphasize the plight of the uninsured, which surely is a great injustice. But to me, another facet is just as unjust — and politically more potent: that is, the tendency […]

There are some songs I secretly play when I’m alone that I know would mark me as a) unsophisticated b) sappy and c) old. But I love them nonetheless, perhaps because they entered my brain at an impressionable moment, perhaps […]