Steven Waldman

Advocates of abortion “common ground” seem to believe that reasonable debate would eschew infammatory tactics such as displaying huge photos of aborted fetuses (as we saw aplenty at the Notre Dame commencement).
But if you believe most abortions ought to be legal, you’re implicitly saying, it should be up to the woman to hear the debate and decide for herself.
The fetus photos are, in my view, an entirely legitimate form of argument. Instead of using the words, “abortion is killing something that’s a lot like a baby,” they’re using an image that shows a fetus that looks a lot like a baby.
The problem with the image is that pro-life activists combine these images with rhetoric declaring that any abortion is killing a “baby” to create the impression that all life within the womb is baby-like. (See, “Safe, Legal & Early“)
Rather than complaining about fetus photos, pro-choicers should offer a substantive visual rebuttal. Perhaps they could make a poster out of this image, a “baby” at four days of age.

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