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We’ve had much discussion lately about the “decline and fall of Christian America,” as the Newsweek cover story put it. That article was based on a survey showing the percentage of Americans calling themselves Christian dropped from 86% in 1990 …Read More

A prayer circle from Christy Long: Please Pray for us…Like most today I have lost my job and we are struggling We were married on 3/28/2009 and I was laid off 3/31/2009..We have three children. My husband works but my …Read More

Several commenters have suggested that my “safe, legal & early” argument is the same as Roe v. Wade. freelunch writes: “Steve has discovered the decisions in Roe v. Wade. It is the law of the land already. I don’t know …Read More

Over at Crunchy Con, Alan sarcastically summarizes the argument in my big “safe, legal, early” piece: “For decades, the argument has focused on whether we should be killing babies. This is a mistake. Instead, we should be asking ourselves: can …Read More

A prayer circle for Pammy Adamski: “Her cornea transplants are not taking and she may go blind. Her doctor is sealing up her tear ducts in hopes that this will save her sight, but so far, this is not helping. …Read More

First printed on AOL’s The political debate on abortion has for several decades focused on the wrong moral question: Does life begin at conception? Those who believe it does, oppose abortion. Those who don’t, or think the question is …Read More

Virginia Williams asks for your prayers:virginia williams financially worried and cried out I am the only one in my household working at the moment. I dont know if I will have enough money to pay our bills and buy food …Read More

From the Senate report on torture: “One Muslim inmate was allegedly forced to eat pork, had liquor forced down his throat and told to thank Jesus that he was alive. He recounted in broken English: ”They stripped me naked, they …Read More