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February 2009 Archives

The New Scientist reports on a new study on porn usage, which indicates high porn consumption in red states: “Eight of the top 10 pornography consuming states gave their electoral votes to John McCain in last year’s presidential election – […]

Nick Kristoff. The New York Times columnist has an incredible perch of influence, a job most journalists would do almost anything to get. Yet every time he writes a column about Darfur or Chad or Congo he puts his power […]

I greatly respect the spiritual goals of Lent, but I was curious about the origins of the tradition of avoiding beef. Now, I usually am one who prefers the time-tested wisdom of the ancients to flash-in-the-pan modern experts. But I’m […]

For years, pundits believed that the only Catholics a liberal Democrat could win en masse were theologically liberal, “Cafeteria Catholics” who don’t attend mass or listen to the Pope very often. While Obama did clean up with those lefty Catholics, […]

We’ve seen many historic Presidential “firsts” in this administration, what with the first African American President taking leadership. Yesterday we had another: the site of the Vice President of the United States leading a White House meeting with a smudge […]

The White House is vetting prayers? A great scoop from Dan Gilgoff at US News. On this one I disagree with Obama and agree with Barry Lynn. This is a great illustration of why Madison said, when in doubt, err […]

A recent survey from the Corporation for National Service found that 85% of non profits with secular missions have no partnerships with religious groups – even though houses of worship are the largest generators of volunteers.

The coverage of Obama’s “failure” to achieve bipartisanship has been mostly naïve. The press has largely looked at it like a high school prom: if you ask out a girl and she says no, it’s the asker, not the askee, […]

The cover headline on Forbes struck me as a tad unethical. In truth, most of the article provided legal advice on how to avoid being audited. But there was the section in which they noted that the IRS looks for […]

Pity the poor preacher trying to keep his flock theologically in line. He may be able to keep them from attending heretical churches or even from reading un-Christian material. But how can they keep Christians from reading inspiring Christian books? […]