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If you dropped in to America from another planet and were told there was a group of people dedicated to reducing the number of abortions, and then were asked, “would that group be for or against family planning and contraception?” […]

My father-in-law, Austin Cunningham, passed away this week. He was 94 and an extroardinary man — named “senior citizen of the year” in South Carolina for his unceasing work on behalf various community groups (youth jobs, anti-drugs, minority education). In […]

I’m depressed about this whole flap over contraceptives being in the stimulus package. It reflects much about what’s wrong with politics and policymaking in Washington. Here are my top three reasons to be depressed: 1) Democrats are still not committed […]

Rush Limbaugh hopes Obama fails. Joseph Farah at isn’t going to rely just on hope. He’s calling on people to pray to God that Obama fails: “I want Obama to fail because his agenda is 100 percent at odds […]

AP is reporting: President Barack Obama has told congressional Democrats to drop a proposal to spend money on family planning from the proposed $825 billion plan to stimulate the economy, a White House aide told McClatchy. Obama is likely to […]

Some important points have come up in the boards that I want to address: IGNORE THE HOLOCAUST ISSUE Many in the comments area have argued that I erred in focusing on Bishop Williamson being a holocaust denier. They point out […]

Conservatives have long chided liberals for “cafeteria Catholicism,” choosing parts of Catholic doctrine they like while ignoring those they don’t. George Weigel (conservative) and David Gibson (liberal) explain how Benedict XVI’s overture to four “traditionalist” bishops smacks of Conservative Cafeteria […]

The astonishing decision of Pope Benedict XVI to revoke the excommunication of, Richard Williamson, a Bishop who denies the holocaust has been cast as a blow to interfaith relations. It surely is that; Jews appropriately believe that Holocaust deniers are […]

Apparently, Obama’s line reaching out to “non-believers” in his inaugural has unsettled some Non-non-believers. Obama “seems to be trying to redefine American culture, which is distinctively Christian,” Bishop E.W. Jackson of the Exodus Faith Ministries in Chesapeake, Va told Melinda […]

I admit when I first saw the paper from Third Way arguing that repealing the Mexico City gag rule would reduce the number of abortions, I figured it was a clever bit of spin to assuage pro-life Obama supporters, irritated […]