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December 2008 Archives

Paul Raushenbush at Progressive Revival has put together an excelent list of the “worst religious stories” — meaning the ones that made us groan or roll our eyes. Two samples: 7. Prosperity Gospelers add to the foreclosure crisis by preaching […]

A new study from Psychological Bulletin indicates that church attendance does promote self control. (Hat tip: New York Times) The traditional explanation might be that fear of divine retribution scares youngsters into behaving. But the scientists who did this study […]

Our gallery of spiritual leaders includes many great men and women. I wanted to ponder for a moment Warith Deen Mohammed, who did more than any other American to bring Islam into the mainstream here. He was the son of […]

A thought-provoking post from “Paul”: “About three years ago, my church started asking for prayers for ‘our troops in the Middle East.’ I thought that was a good idea, but suggested three times that the phrase “and all those suffering […]

Ed Kilgore has a thought-provoking post arguing that the central split within modern Christianity is not whether you accept the basic creeds but whether you view the Bible as inerrant. And the divide over this leads to fundamental culture war […]

Lyndzi wants to reconcil with her father, who is dying in prison, before he dies of Hepatitus C. Add your prayers.

Paul O’Donnell’s eclectic mix of Best Holiday movies does not include our family favorite — A Christmas Story. YOU’LL SHOOT YOUR EYE OUT!!! Your favorite?

How it may have sounded coming from Jesus’s mouth.

My favorite site for figuring out what charities to support is Charity Navigator. You can sort by topic or rating, and they offer intriguing lists like, “10 Highly Rated Charities with Low Paid CEOs” or “10 Slam Dunk Charities.” What […]

I vote yes.