The L.A. Times reports that part of Brit Hume’s reason for leaving TV is to deepen his religious practice:

As he prepares to anchor his last presidential campaign, Hume said he’s eager to immerse himself in a more spiritual life after dwelling for so long in the secular. The anchor described himself as a “nominal Christian” until 10 years ago, when his son Sandy committed suicide at age 28.
“I feel like I was really kind of saved when my son died by faith and by the grace of God, and that’s very much on my consciousness,” said Hume, who plans to get more involved in his wife’s Bible study group.

I knew Sandy Hume slightly. He was a lovely, talented guy, and a very promising journalist. Just days before his suicide I’d offered him a reporting job at U.S. News & World Report. I cant imagine what that was like for Brit Hume, and I’m so glad to hear faith helped him through that.
(Hat tip Sarah Pulliam at Christianity Today)

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