About two months ago I sagely predicted that mainline Protestants would flood to Obama and white evangelicals (thanks to Obama’s positions on abortion, Sarah Palin and other factors) wouldn’t go anywhere near him. It looks like I got it pretty much exactly backward. I’ve written elsewhere why I think evangelicals did move to Obama in…

Stephen Colbert and Elvis Costello offer a new Christmas Carol, hailing “a redeemer, and a savior, an obese giving toys for good behavior” and arguing that there are “much worse things to believe in.”“…Believe in the judgment, believe in jihad, believe in a thousand variations on a dark and spiteful God…” The Colbert ReportMon –…

To invoke a much-overused cliche that seems to keep popping into my head today, we are all Chabadniks now. The Brooklyn-based Hasidic group comes in for its share of criticism, but today all Jews–all people–can do little but mourn those who fell in the Mumbai massacre. For those not familiar with Chabad, the first question…

365,000 died because Thabo Mbeki didn’t believe HIV caused AIDS. These people, a new study concluded, would have accounted for 3.8 million years of life. Apparently, Mbeki didn’t believed that AIDS science grew out of a racist conspiracy to oppress black Africans.


Steve Waldman

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