This campaign season has brought a new species: ads that advocate for fewer abortions but are implicitly pro-choice. Matthew25 did the first wave of such ads.Now, Faith in Public Life has begun running an unusual radio ad in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Indiana, North Carolina, Virginia, Florida, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Missouri. Pro-life activists will bristle at the notion that “we need to ask ourselves what it really means to be pro-life.” Pro-choice activists will dislike the call to help young mothers “choose life.” But all in all, the language is actually closer to where many Americans are: wanting abortion legal but more rare.The text of the ad:

With 1 in 5 pregnancies in America ending in abortion and the number of abortions unchanged from 32 years ago, it’s time to stop the political posturing and get serious about protecting life.2,400 late-term abortions a year is tragic, but what often gets ignored is that 10 times more infants die each year in America largely because of inadequate healthcare.We need to ask ourselves what it really means to be pro-life and help move the conversation beyond bumper sticker slogans.Thankfully, some lawmakers are already working on real solutions that will drastically reduce abortions by expanding programs that encourage adoption, increasing pre- and post-natal healthcare, preventing unintended pregnancies, and helping young mothers choose life.It’s time for Democrats and Republicans to come together around solutions based on results, not rhetoric. Please learn more by visiting

Given that most ads are either attacking Obama for supporting infanticide or McCain for putting pregnant women’s lives at risk, it’s rather amazing to hear an ad like this right now. I’m obviously especially sympathetic with their point about the failure of politicians (pro life and pro choice) to look at the 28,000 babies who die in what I called “the seventh trimester.” The ad was endorsed by an all-star cast of pro-life progressives and moderates, including: Rev. Sam Rodriguez of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, Rev. Rich Cizik of the National Association of Evangelicals, Jim Wallis of Sojourners, and Joel Hunter, senior pastor of the 12,00-member Northland Church in Florida.

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