In the spirit of forgiveness, let me start with a few compliments for Religulous.
It was funnier than I expected. To be sure, some of it was shooting fish in a barrel. Run a clip of Muslim describing Islam as religion of peace. Cut to buildings blowing up. Still, they had good comic timing and good use of ironic music. I laughed pretty hard when I heard Wooly Bully as the soundtrack during the visit to the Creationism museum.
He didn’t only use inarticulate or buffoonish religious leaders (though there’s plenty of that). He also challenged Francis Collins, the head of the human genome project who’s a brilliant believer. When he was treated nicely by some prayerful truckers, he sweetly thanked them for being Christ-like, not just Christian. Most important, he posed some questions that every believer and skeptic alike should grapple with:

Instead of God creating people with serious problems that would then be cured by God, why didn’t He just make them without problems in the first place?
Why is God in a struggle with the Devil? If he’s all powerful, why doesn’t he obliterate him?
Why does God only speak to prophets in private so we can never hear with our own ears his instructions?

Btw, how would youm dear readers, answer these questions?
Stay tuned for my critiques of the movie in separate posts.

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