Here’s a rough transcript of some of the key moments in the fascinating interview of Sarah Palin by James Dobson of Focus on the Family. You can listen to it here:
God & The Mainstream Media Filter: Palin says she need’s God’s help to go around the mainstream media to get her message out:

“You cant pick a fight with those who buy ink by the barrelful…this is where my faith becomes even more important to me. I have to have faith that our message will get out to the American people minus the filter of the mainstream media…. We can’t get that message through the mainstream media. … I have to have that faith that God’s going to help us get that message out there.”

Trig’s Birth & the Pro-Life Movement: On the feeling that God brought Trig’s birth in order to help the pro-life movement:

“I’ve always had near and dear to my heart the mission of protecting the sanctity of life and being pro-life, a hardcore pro-lifer, but I think this opportunity for me to really be walking the walk and not just talking the talk. There’s purpose in this also for a greater good to be met. I feel so privileged and blessed to have been, I guess, chosen to have Trig enter our lives because I do want it to help us in our cause here in allowing America to be a more welcoming nation for all of our children.”

Having a Downs Syndrome Child: On hearing the news that she was pregnant with a Downs Syndrome child:

“I was about 13 weeks along when I found out that Trig would be born with Downs Syndrome. To be honest with you, it scared me though, and I knew it would be a challenge and I had to really be on my knees for the entire rest of the pregnancy asking that God would prepare my heart. And just the second he was born it was absolute confirmation that that prayer was answered.”

Prayers for McCain and Palin: Dobson says to her, “We’re on the same team. I’m just trying to serve the Lord as you are.” He notes that he and other ministers have prayed for “God’s intervention” and that “God’s perfect will will be done in November the fourth.”

“Well, it is that intercession that is so needed and so greatly appreciated. And I can feel it too, Dr. Dobson. I can feel the power or prayer and that strength is provided through our prayer warriors across this nation and I so appreciate it. [Dobson says, ” Well, you hear that everywhere you do, don’t you?] I do, and that is what allows us to continue to be inspired and strengthened. And it’s just a great reminder also when we hear along the rope lines that people are interceding for us and praying for us; it’s our reminder to do the same, to put this all in God’s hands, to seek his perfect will for this nation and to, of course, seek his wisdom and guidance in putting this nation back on the right track.”

The Pro-Life Republican Platform: Dobson expresses appreciation that the Republican platform is the “the strongest pro-life, pro-family document to come out of a political party, even more so than the platforms during the campaigns of Ronald Reagan.” Palin responds:

“Dr. Dobson thank you so much for recognizing that. This is a strong platform [built] around the planks in this platform that respect life and respect the entrepreneurial spirit of this great country and those things, back to the social issues that are what Republicans, at least in the past, had articulated and tried to stand on. Now, finally, we have very solid planks in the platform that will allow us to build an even stronger foundation for our country. It’s all good and it’s encouraging. You would maybe have assumed that we would have gotten further away from those strong planks. But no, they’re there, they’re solid, we stand on them and again I believe that it is the right agenda for the country at this time. Very, very clear and contrasted tickets in this election November 4th. People are going to see the clear contrasts, you just go to the planks in our platforms and that’s where you see them.”

McCain’s Pro-Life Commitment: Dobson asks whether, based on her private conversations with McCain, she thinks he “also strongly supports those views” and “will implement it.”

“I do, from the bottom of my heart. I am such a strong believer that McCain believes in those strong planks and we do have good conversations about some of the details too of the different planks and what they represent. I’m very heartened that John McCain … he doesn’t want a Vice President who will check the opinions … of me at the door and we talk about some of these and they’re very important. It’s most important though, as you’re suggesting, that Americans know that John McCain is solidly there on those solid planks in our platform that build the right agenda for America.”

God’s Will on Election Day: Dobson asks if she’s discouraged about the polls showing that McCain-Palin is behind:

“I am not discouraged at all, even hearing those poll numbers because, for some reason, I have found myself over and over again in my life being put in these underdog positions and yet still when victory needed to be reached in order to meet this greater good, it’s always worked out just perfectly fine despite the fact that over and over again I’ve been, and I know John McCain has been, in underdog positions. To me, it motivates us, makes us work that much harder and it also strengthens my faith because I’m going to know at the end of the day, putting this in God’s hands, that the right thing for America will be done, the end of the day on November 4th. “

Dobson says that he anad other pastors have been praying to God for his intervention in the election: “We were just asking for, rather boldly asking, for a miracle with regard to the election this year..” Palin responded:

“We’ll be praying too for your ministry and for those pastors whom you have just mentioned also. Collectively, we can do all that we have within us to strengthen our country and to let Americans know that government has to be on their side, it’s their government and as we seek God’s wisdom and His will in this election, we have to have faith that it’s all going to be good at the end of the day there on November 4th as this country moves forward.”

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